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John Edingfield II is an illustrator, a painter, and a sequential artist.

 John is also the writer and artist of the comic Rancidville.

John has 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren, and a wonderful wife of 24 years (who continues to encourage him to follow his dream).

A product of the early (really early) 1970’s, John grew up watching cartoons before they were PC and practically living at his local comic shop (which was a dingy used book-store next to a 7-Eleven).

Influenced at an early age by comics like Cerebus, Usagi Yojimbo, Maus and TMNT, it was always John’s dream to make a comic-book. Not just any comic books though, he wanted to tell engaging stories that he would have loved to have read when he was a kid and would like to read now.

John has held a number of creative positions over the years including drawing political cartoons for a local newspaper, graphic design work for a computer magazine, running an offset printing press and working at a variety of jobs that have culminated into the well rounded and somewhat educated person that he is today.